Why Base?

Poly Experts. Problem Solvers.

Base Plastics is one of the most innovative and creative polyethylene manufacturers in the U.S. Our custom poly bags and film protect, cover, line and store products of all types from the leading industrial and consumer brands.

Plastics being stored inside the Base warehouse

There is no request that is too daunting or specification too complex for our team of poly experts.

We work with clients to find solutions to their problems. Whether it is designing and manufacturing a custom product or finding an in-stock solution to quickly fulfill a need, we are as flexible as our polyethylene products when it comes to serving our customers.

Higher Quality

Strong, high-performance poly solutions

A woman working with a computer

Faster Turnaround

Responsive team, faster production and delivery

Lower Gauge, Greater Strength

Elasticene™ delivers both in one solution

Man working with a plastic testing machine.

Responsive and Knowledgeable Support

High quality at a competitive price


The newest/latest research and technology

Put our Experience and Technology to Use:

44+ years of experience

600,000 sqft. of facilities

100+ extruders

24/7 plant operations

Gauge capabilities from 0.5 to 7.0 mil

Our own transportation fleet

Responsive support