Dry Bin Liners

Reduce Leakers with Unique Dry Bin Liners

Experience unparalleled leak prevention with our state-of-the-art solution to “leakers” specifically designed to revolutionize the meat packing industry.

Unlike traditional liners, our Dry Bin Liners reduce the risk of “leakers” by eliminating seals along the bottom of the bin, providing a superior solution to common leakage issues.

  • Leak Reduction: Say goodbye to “leakers” with our unique liner, significantly minimizing leaking compared to other liners on the market.
  • Enhanced Fit: The snug fit ensures maximum containment and efficiency during packing and transport.
  • Elimination of Bottom Pockets: No troublesome pockets at the bottom of the liner, preventing product entrapment.
  • Prevention of Product Build-Up: With no pockets to trap product, our Dry Bin Liners prevent accumulation at the bottom of the tote bin or Gaylord box.