Fitted Covers

Get the Perfect Fit with the Y Seal

Have you experienced loose-fitting covers with seals that catch and tear or gather water and dirt? Base Plastics created a solution just for you.

We’ve designed and perfected a unique Y Seal to help safeguard your valuable products by eliminating side pockets. An exclusive to Base Plastics, the Y Seal isn’t available anywhere else.

  • Prevents pooling – Keep water, dirt, dust and insects from collecting in baggy seal flaps
  • Superior protection – Provides better protection from the weather for outdoor applications
  • Available in all sizes and gauges – We will manufacture covers to your specific application and specs
  • Custom Printing – We offer printing on covers, just send us your custom artwork/logo
A pallet with a y-seal cover.

Conventional Covers

pallets wrapped with conventional covers

Base Plastics Y-Seal

a container wrapped with a yseal cover wrap.