The Art of the Downgauge

Elasticene is a revolutionary plastic that is remarkably strong even at lighter gauges. By far our most popular product, Elasticene has numerous uses in many industries including packaging, film, bags, liners and more.

Elasticene is also extremely cost-efficient, offering the same security and durability as thicker products, but with up to half the polyethylene and at a lower cost. This also results in a more sustainable solution.

The use of lighter gauge materials results in increased yield, which allows for more bags and/or film in cases or rolls without increased packaged weight. This helps you get the job done with less poly while freeing up valuable floor space.

Two people testing the strength of an elasticene bags with free weights

Elasticene Benefits:

2x the strength of regular poly

2x the yield per roll case

Lower shipping weight & cost

Less polyethylene = more sustainable solution

FDA/USDA approved

25% or more overall cost savings

Too Good to be True? Test It Out!

We’ll send you a test card with samples of Elasticene and of conventional film of the same gauge. Go ahead and try to stretch and puncture both and experience the Elasticene difference firsthand!
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